The 3rd International Cyber ​​Warfare and Security Conference

29 November 2017


The 3rd International Cyber ​​Warfare and Security Conference  that was officially hosted by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and organized by Defence Turkey Magazine took place in Antalya 27-28 November.

Conference started with the opening speeches of Vice President of Information Technology Institute Ahmet Kılıç, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Industry Mustafa Şeker and Director of NATO Infrastructure Services Gregory B. Edwards. 

The main essence of this year's conference was strengthening the cybersecurity ecosystem and issues of cybersecurity clusters for increasing competitiveness and development in this area. Goodwill Agreement was made between SSM, METU, and ITU in order to cultivate the human resource needed in the cyber security field. After the signature ceremony, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Industry Mustafa Şeker announced that they started working on the establishment of a cluster in the field of cyber security.

In the event, our cyber security experts gived important information to national and international participants;  about SIEM, Log Management, HotSpot, DLP, Cyber ​​Intelligence and Security Monitoring products, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing services and all of CRYPTTECH's cyber security solutions.

CRYPTTECH Participated in the 2nd Public Informatics Summit

20 November 2017


"The Public Informatics Summit organized by the Public Informatics Council, which is among the sponsors of CRYPTTECH, was held in Antalya between 16-19 November 2017 with the theme "Explore Potential with Informatics".

The opening speech was made by Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications Suat Hayri Aka, General Secretary of Communication Ensar Kılıç, Serik's Mayor Ramazan Çalık and Head of Public Informatics Association Assoc. Dr. Izzet Gökhan Özbilgin.

The leading figures in the sector were moderators and speakers on the panels, and 700 people, including public information managers and representatives from the information industry, attended the event. 50 public informatics project posters presentations were made and opinions of public information system managers were gathered with survey  "Digital Transformation in Public " 

CRYPTTECH was among the event sponsors and shared the experiences Cyber ​​Security in Public projects and gived advise to institutions about saving their infrastructures and critical data.

National Information Security Summit was held in Mersin

03 November 2017


CRYPTTECH's Technology Director Tarık KOBALAS has participated as a panelist on the subject of "National Applications on Cyber Security" at the "National Information Security Summit" organized by Cukurova Development Agency and Mersin Metropolitan Municipality business association. Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su said that "The security of personal and corporate information has become more important now. Measures to be taken for the protection of personal and institutional data, information security must be in all areas of our lives."

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz said that "We need to work talented young people in in software and cyber security sector in our country." 

Executives senior of IT sector enterprises and our Goverment and academicians participated in the summit. The panels were about Informatics sollutions at Goverment, Turkey's Cyber ​​Security Consciousness and National Cyber ​​Security Practices.

In The summit  our Technology Director Tarik KOBALAS answered participants' questions, providing information on national software samples, cyber security products and solutions, and developments in national cyber security investments on November 2nd.

Special Seminar for CIO Group Members

30 June 2017


CRYPTTECH Business Development Director Ömer Özer, conducted a seminar on the "Law on the Protection of Personal Data" with the participation of CIO Group members.

At the seminar held on June 20, 2017 in Beylikdüzü TUYAP Library, detailed information was provided in terms of the law, the definitions in the law, the rights of data owner, compatibility process and criminal responsibility.

Ömer Özer, with dual graduate degrees of Computer Engineering and Law School, addressed the questions of CIO Group members regarding the law 5651 -protecting personal data on the basis of countries and international data legislation.

Hacktrick'17 Cyber Security Conference

02 May 2017



One of Turkey's most comprehensive Cyber ​​Security events, the "Hacktrick'17 Cyber ​​Security Conference" was hosted this year by the Information Technologies and Communications Agency. CRYPTTECH was among the sponsors of the event, which was held on 28-29-30 April 2017.

The conference started with the opening speech of Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Ahmet Sayan. Cyber security experts, IT executives, managers of public institutions, enterprise firms, academics and students from universities atttended the Hacktrick'17 Conference

With the Hactrick'17 conference, thousands of participants were given three days of knowledgeable and entertaining workouts, with useful trainings, engaging presentations, and entertaining competitions.

We met with Cyber ​​Security Experts of Future

30 April 2017


CRYPTTECH was one of the main sponsors of the "Information Security Conference'17" organized by the Istanbul University Cyber ​​Security Community (İÜ Siber) and met with university students who wanted to train themselves in the field of Information Security and Cyber ​​Security.

At the conference, CRYPTTECH CT - Zer0 Cyber ​​Security Team Engineer Yunus Yıldırım delivered a presentation on "From Zer0 to Admin" on 18-19-20 April 2017 at IU Ali Riza Berkem Conference Hall. Our Technology Director Tarık Kobalas shared his knowledge and experiences with participants by his speech on "The Threat of Things".

TRT Word IT Manager Osman Doğan, Cyber ​​Srtuggle founder Kubilay Onur Güngör, Üsküdar Municipality IT Operations Manager Faruk Yakaryılmaz, Network Administrators Association Chairman Gökhan Akın and important names from different sectors of the industry took part as speakers at the event.

Cyber ​​Security Questions Answered on Açık Radio

27 March 2017


CRYPTTECH's Technology Director Tarik Kobalas answered the questions of Ersu Ablak about Cyber ​​Security on the Açık Radio Open Knowledge 94.9 "Information Age" program.

Kobalas, Security Walls, Attack Prevention Systems, End Point Security Software, Vulnerability Scanning Tools, purchasing, using the steps taken in our country, the main investment should be pointed to the "Cyber ​​Safety Production" must be underlined. 

Tarik Kobalas said "In our country, cyber security was seen as an area of ​​interest only for information systems, institutions and organizations, and as we began to increase our individual awareness, we realized that security should be in all areas of our lives. We have begun to see how important cyber threats are in the digitalizing world in each segment, from the personal devices we use to the critical sub-structures of our country. Many events were clearly showing to administrative / political officials that investment in this issue was necessary."

Kobalas responded to Ersu Ablak's questions about the most popular types of cyber attacks recently on government agencies, companies and individuals. He gave brief information about CRYPTTECH's Cyber ​​Security products, technology solutions and services.

CRYPTTECH Participated the 1st Informatics Meeting of Eastern Anatolia

02 March 2017


CRYPTTECH participated in Eastern Anatolia 1st Informatics Meeting, which was organized under the leadership of Fırat University, with the slogan "Information is everywhere!"

CRYPTTECH Deputy General Manager Mustafa ARI presented "Integrated Cyber ​​Security Intelligence and SIEM" under the main theme of "Cyber ​​Security in Critical Infrastructures". Eastern Anatolia 1st Informatics Meeting Elazığ Akgün Hotel, was held 09 - 10 March 2017.

CRYPTTECH's Cyber ​​Security experts shared their knowledge and experience about Information Security and Cyber ​​Security solutions with participants. Eastern Anatolia 1st Informatics Meeting took place with the participation of ministries, sectoral NGOs, national and international companies, regional companies, municipalities, universities andnational public institutions.

CRYPTTECH participated IDC IT Security Roadshow

21 January 2017


CRYPTTECH participated in the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2017, featuring presentations and opportunities for the latest technological developments in Information Security, interactive sessions, discussing new approaches, security and business strategies.

Mustafa ARI, Executive Vice President of CRYPTTECH, delivered a presentation on "Integrated Cyber ​​Security Intelligence", a meeting of decision-makers in IT Security. 

Mustafa Arı, presented important information on the effect of implementing proactive solutions in reducing cyber security threats.

The event was held on February 9, 2017 at the Wyndham Grand Levent Hotel in Istanbul. The participants were mostly from IT security experts, analysts and IT department managers across Turkey.



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