CRYPTTECH Cyber - Pi Partner Day'18

16 March 2018


We organized our Cyber-Pi Partney Day'18 special program to celebrate our 12th anniversary with our business partners and to present the 2017 Achievement Awards.

In the Cyber-Pi Partner Day'18 special program, we gathered on 15th March with CEOs, technology directors, software engineers, sales and marketing managers of our business partners who are among the leading names in the information and cyber security sector.

The program started with the opening speech of CRYPTTECH Executive Vice President Yüksel Yamak and continued with the presentation of CTO Tarık Kobalas on "N Million Line Codes". In the program, Burhan Ünal Canmaya, Manager of Security Solutions, made a presentation on "Leave the Business to the Expert!" And Business Development Director / Legal Advisor Ömer Özer on "Cyber Events Diary".

Technical Support Manager Ekrem Musaoğlu's presentation titled "Always Support Full Support" was presented to the business partners of the 2017 Achievement Awards

In addition to the special awards given in 14 different categories, 12 surprise gift raffles were organized for 12 years. With the special program written, participants' names were reflected on the screen and the lottery started. After exciting minutes, 12 guest presentations were given, which won a surprise gift. The special program of Cyber-Pi Partner Day'18, where participants had lots of information and enjoyment, ended with lunch and mass photo shoot.

Anatolian Informatics Meeting was held in Gaziantep

10 March 2018


Ideas and practices inspired by the Power of Digital Transformation met in Gaziantep!

Omer Özer, Business Development Director at Anatolian Informatics Meeting, was among the speakers of the panel titled "Digital Transformation and Opportunities for Us".

The "Anatolian Informatics Meetings" prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Gaziantep University, ICT Media and Harput Agency were organized at GAÜN Mavera Congress and Art Center on 9-10 March.

In the event observed with interest; Panels were organized in the fields of Digital Conversion Process, Digitizing Cities, Next Generation Communication and Data Centers.

We participated in the Bosphorus Personal Data and Cyber ​​Security Summit

02 March 2018


Business Development Director Omer Ozer made a presentation on "Personal Data Violations and Artificial Intelligence" at Bosphorus Personal Data and Chimney Security Summit.

Bogazici University Management and Information Systems The Personal Data and Cyber Security Summit organized by the Cyber ​​Security Center was provided by experts in the KVKK and International Standards, National Database of Common Hazards Starters, Personal Data Violations and Artificial Intelligence.

CRYPTTECH's sponsors were held at Bogazici University Alber Long Hall on 1 March 2018.

Development of Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem Summit

14 February 2018


Turkey Informatics Association (TBD) organized by the "Development of Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem Summit" was held in Ankara on February 13 at the Institution of Information Technology and Communications.

At the Summit on the Development of the Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem, the actions to be carried out under the "2016-2019 Cyber ​​Security Strategy and Action Plan" were evaluated. Civil safety, human, technology, legal legislation, social life, such as areas of safety issues were addressed.

National technologies also made an important stance of Summit In this context, the necessary steps were taken to develop national technologies and to include more domestic technology in critical infrastructures. At all-day meetings, sessions were held under the titles of "critical infrastructure - telecom sector, the prominence of natioanl technologies, the position of NGOs in cyber security, public awareness of cyber security and qualified human resources". 


CRYPTTECH Threat Intelligence Map has been Published

05 January 2018


CRYPTTECH Threat Intelligence Map (The CTI), showing global cyber-attacks on real-time on world map, has been published.

Using the CTI System, the data from the cyber intelligence services, common threats and the speed of threats spreading on country basis, can be monitored. Based on the statistical information on the Cyber Threat Map, it is possible to observe the distribution of attacks / harmful activities in the last day and week on the basis of countries and attack types.

Based on the data from the CTI System, it is possible to query IP / Domain / URL addresses found in malicious or suspicious activities. Corporations and/or individuals can search their IP / Domain / URL addresses within the system to measure their reliability and determine the addresses involved in these activities.

Site supports both Turkish and English languages integrated with CRYPTTECH’s UNITMON and CRYPTOSIM products. 



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