GiZ Encryption Algorithm

The algorithm designed and developed by CRYTPTTECH performs the encryption through blocks of 128 bits in length. The key length is 256 bits.Encryption takes place over 12 circuits.

The circuit function of the algorithm is an EP block based on expansion and mixing. This structure separates algorithm from, both the DES – Data Encryption Standard, which is a Feistel network, and the AES – Advanced Encryption Standard, which is an SP block. The mixing phase is unlike byte-based AES and more like the bit-based DES. In mixing matrices, interchangeability, which is the most powerful feature of ENIGMA, is possible. However, since there is no block matching between the natural text and the cipher text due to the extension of the basic function, the constraint in the cipher text set, which is the weakness of ENIGMA, does not take place here. The mixing matrices are interchangeable therefore encryption and decryption algorithms are different algorithms that operate with the same key. However, if desired, symmetric implementation of the algorithm is also available with appropriate matrix selection.

This way, encryption is always symmetric in terms of key, and symmetric or asymmetric in terms of algorithm. It runs fast due to low resource usage at the lower level, responds easily to hardware and software applications. It is always possible to use it in various modes, as a module and as a shell.



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