Established in 2006, CRYPTTECH is a premier technology firm specializing in the development and production of cutting-edge cybersecurity products and solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, CRYPTTECH conducts comprehensive research and development in-house, leveraging its expertise to create industry-leading solutions.

Focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence within the realm of cybersecurity, CRYPTTECH operates out of two prominent research and development offices in Turkey. Situated at Yıldız Technical University Teknopark in Istanbul and Hacettepe University Teknokent in Ankara, these centers of excellence allow CRYPTTECH to actively contribute to Turkey's export targets by exporting software and positioning itself among the world's top cybersecurity providers. Expanding its global footprint, CRYPTTECH has established international offices in Silicon Valley, USA, and Islamabad, Pakistan, further solidifying its reputation in the market.

In a bid to nurture innovation and cultivate talent, CRYPTTECH founded Siber Koza, Turkey's premier platform prioritizing cybersecurity and artificial intelligence technologies. As a subsidiary of CRYPTTECH, Siber Koza serves as a collaborative ecosystem, uniting exceptional minds, diverse ideas, groundbreaking projects, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and industry professionals. Through its comprehensive training programs, project development initiatives, innovation centers, mentorship services, and investor support activities, Siber Koza fosters the growth of skilled individuals and the advancement of high-value, strategically significant technologies.

With a dedicated and highly motivated team, CRYPTTECH remains steadfast in its mission to develop world-class cybersecurity and artificial intelligence products and technologies, continuing to make a significant impact within the global ecosystem.