Managed SIEM / Managed Security
Information and Event Management

It is one of the key features for SIEM systems to collect, understand and compose the information from many sources in a safe & manageable environment to enable optimum use of security operation personnel in targeted format.

SIEM systems provide collection and preservation of evidence for misuse investigations in accordance with the standards of nonrepudiation. Facilitating compliance with national and sectoral regulations on information security are among the major areas of responsibility for SIEM systems.

CRYPTTECH Manageable SIEM System; SaaS (Software as a Service) designed by CRYPTOSIM / CRYPTOSIEM specialists, is observed 24 x 7 by intelligent rules. It generates alarms to notify related people about the detected abnormalities and takes necessary actions under the agreement.

Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis

Vulnerability analysis is a security service for the detection of security vulnerabilities caused by outdated operating system / software or pre-defined but misconfigured structure in your hardware.

At the end of the analysis, a report containing the executive summary and detailed information is created and the final report is submitted to the relevant person. In the context of this report, there is a solution to what needs to be done and how to cover it for every situation that constitutes a conflict.