The identification of security weaknesses plays the most critical role in effectively managing the IT systems facing threats at every organization. UNITMON is a web based monitoring tool that not only gives you the ability to instantly check your website, but also allows you to search your network capabilities and controls the performance of your network components via a user friendly interface. It also reduces maintenance costs and critical failure risks at the key points of your IT infrastructure by providing intelligence about the security of your web content, your server and your application.
The creation of customized vulnerability assessment reports provide solutions for monitoring & analyzing network devices, servers and applications are the main features of UNITMON's centralized vulnerability management.

UNITMON's Capability of Monitoring Cyber Intelligence Services; checks whether the institution IPs, domain names, IDs are entered in any blacklist. UNITMON allows administrators to visualize all of their network devices with advanced performance on the IT infrastructure through an easy-to-use web-based panel.