From the personal devices we use to the most critical governmental substructures, the awareness of the importance of cyber threats in every segment of the digitalized world and the fact that cyber security must be in all areas of our lives becomes more and more obvious.

The massive attacks on the global scale have clearly demonstrated the importance of taking measures against cyber threats and increasing investments on this area.

CRYPTTECH continues to work towards the goal with the mission of developing new, innovative and indigenous technology and products in the increasingly complex cyber security world. CRYPTTECH provides its unique in-memory correlation capability for its SIEM product with its strong correlation system. CRYPTOSIM collects all logs, detects behavioral differences & anomalies and automatically associates them.

More over it can catch APT (Advanced Persistent Threats). CRYPTTECH achieves high performance values for the SIEM product with its NoSQL structure developed by itself. CRYPTOSIM has become one of the most strategic products for perception of threats with its unique correlation features working with rules and machine learning methods