Nonrepudiation Infrastructure

One of the major needs of businesses is a convenient log management system that collects logs of the IT systems in the organization and analyzes them to meet legal regulations and industry standards. CRYPTOLOG complies with public & sectoral requirements and offers unified and easy-to-use search, analysis, correlation options that can be customized to the needs and size of the IT systems. CRYPTOLOG makes it easy to identify potential security threats from log data to conduct forensic investigations.

CRYPTOLOG is a cost-effective integrated log management system that helps you meet regulatory compliance on the one hand, while reducing your security risks in a variety of IT environments. With its fast and powerful engines, CRYPTOLOG brings together a wide range of log and events to give you a comprehensive view of all your network activities on a customizable panel. It groups and categorizes events and generates useful information in detailed analysis for anomaly detection to help forensic investigations.

CRYPTOLOG combines all the logs and places time stamps in cases where the source of the attacks is safely monitored due to the engine functions of the nonrepudiation feature. CRYPTOLOG complies with log storing regulations, International Nonrepudiation Standards, Stock Exchange Commission regulations, Banking Regulatory and Supervisory board, and standards such as ISO 27001.